Aliaxin EV Essential Volume (2x1ml)

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Ideal for treatment of imperfections



Use EV for nasolabial folds and skin break out scars.

Utilized for the regions of the face which require enhancement of the facial tissue through development of the delicate tissues (cheeks, jawline, cheekbones).

The result of the treatment relies upon the sort of skin and the idea of the blemish: the less clear the defect, the better the outcome.

ALIAXIN® is the answer for worldwide restoration, improving the characteristic magnificence, giving adjusted tasteful outcomes.

The item renews the normal shape, totality and balance of face, reestablishes tone, builds flexibility and looks after hydration. These are the stylish and remedial outcomes that ALIAXIN® ensures.

Four plans of the ALIAXIN® product offering with explicit and distinctive visco-flexible properties are the consequence of IBSA look into. IBSA innovation can ensure diverse clinical outcomes utilizing a mix of hyaluronic corrosive with various sub-atomic loads while following up on the cross-connecting grade.

ALIAXIN® has a characteristic lifting impact, joined with natural activity, animating the recovery of collagen structures of the dermis.