Aliaxin SR Shape & Restore (2x1ml)

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Restore volume in your face



Perfect for dermal renovating. Recharging facial completion, with characteristic and very much characterized form. Increment skin tone, solidness and flexibility.

What is in the container?

Enchantment Needle 27G/37mm cannula (discretionary),

2 pre-filled syringes (1ml each) in a fixed rankle pack,

2 barriers,

4 x 27G needles,

4 item detectability stickers,

1 bundle embed

The attributes of the hyaluronic corrosive gel right now its utilization in medicines whose essential tasteful goal is to recuperate the amicable parity of the face. It is hence perfect for dermal rebuilding, where the catchphrases are profile, shape and evenness.

Its ease permits homogeneous dispersion in the tissue, for a helpful methodology for broadened regions of the face. The stylish outcomes get from the gel’s synergic activity, checking skin laxity, with its capacity to invigorate and initiate the bio rebuilding procedures and creation of new collagen. Along these lines making the outcomes progressively steady and durable. The nearness of common hyaluronic corrosive likewise fortifies the regenerative impact, through a drawn out increment in profound hydration, making the skin look considerably progressively characteristic and smooth