Atri-Dermal (5×2.5ml)

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Biomaterial for tissue restoration.



Atri-Dermal is a very regular filler containing hyaluronic corrosive as a characteristic tissue restorer. It can improve skin versatility and dampness as skin begins to lose its normal capacity to make hyaluronic corrosive.

This visco-versatile, clear, dreary, isotonic, apyrogenic, sterile gel, additionally incorporates exceptionally cleaned sodium hyaluronate of bioenzyme inception in a phosphate support arrangement. Delivered in sterile glass syringes with a volume of 2.5 ml for single use.

Hyaluronic corrosive is a characteristic polysaccharide. It is available in the skin and connective tissue. It is a vital auxiliary part of the skin, it is contained mostly in the intercellular space. Hyaluronic corrosive is one of only a handful scarcely any substances that are indistinguishable in every living life form.

Tripeptide-5-peptide shaped by three amino corrosive buildups: aminoacetic corrosive, histidine and lysine. It infiltrates well into the skin, actuates the creation of collagen and mucopolysaccharides of the skin, and furthermore expands its versatility. Actuates fibroblasts, invigorates the recuperation and recovery of connective tissue and vascular divider. Fortifying the development of endogenous TRP-beta (changing development factor beta), reinforces the skin and the vanishing of profound wrinkles.

Tetrapeptide-7-peptide, inhibitory movement of provocative go betweens. Altogether decreases the combination of interleukins, particularly interleukin 6, a mitigating cytokine, the creation of which in the body throughout the years. It can improve the proportion of cytokines in the body, assisting with restoring the skin.

Tetrapeptide-3 restrains the action of elastase and collagenase, barring breakdowns during the arrangement of collagen and elastin.It shows articulated cancer prevention agent properties.