Cytocare S Line (1x3ml)

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Cytocare S Line gives an immediate lightening effect.



How does Cytocare S Line work?

Cytocare S Line has been intended to smooth out wrinkles while giving solidness and flexibility. On the off chance that you need to keep up your young gleam, at that point Cytocare can assist you with accomplishing this by working in your skin to recover the dermis.

What’s in the container?

18mg Hyaluronic Acid

2x30G needles

What are the employments of Cytocare S Line?

Cytocare can be utilized to:

diminish appearance of barely recognizable differences and wrinkles

hydrate and improve skin tone and redensify skin

Cytocare S Line is explicitly for the infusion into the medium or shallow dermis. Treatment zones incorporate the face, neck and back of the hands.

Who ought not utilize Cytocare S Line?

On the off chance that you are pregnant or lactating, at that point forgo utilizing Cytocare. Additionally don’t utilize if susceptible to hyaluronic corrosive.

To what extent do impacts keep going for?

1 meeting for filling barely recognizable difference can accomplish improvement of skin helping. For an all the more longer enduring outcome, 3 meetings at multi week interims can accomplish serious skin revitalisation.

What are the related reactions of Cytocare S Line?

Some redness, gentle expanding and uneasiness may happen at the site of infusion. Goals normally happens with a few days.