Dermaheal SR (5×10 vials)

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A skin rejuvenating solution using mesotherapy ingredients. Topical use only.



Dermaheal SB

Dermaheal SB is a skin lighting up, against pigmentation treatment containing dynamic fixings to determine skin discolouration.

Embodied Arbutin and Licorice separate hinders the transformation of L-DOPA to eumelanin and phaeomelanin by repressing the compound tyrosinase. Recognizable consequences for the decrease and counteraction of hyperpigmentation by diminishing the melanin amalgamation. 10ppm of each biomimetic peptide per vial.

What’s in the crate?

5ml x 10 Vials

Fundamental dynamic fixings: Oligopeptide-34 (TGP2), Pen-tapeptide-13 (ASP), Glycyrrhiza Uralensis(Licorice) Root Extract, 2-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Arbutin

What are the advantages of Dermaheal SB?

Treats sun-actuated epidermal pigmentation

Battles age spots in the skin

Diminishes hyperpigmentation by diminishing the melanin amalgamation

In what capacity should the treatment be controlled?

1 meeting for every week (1 vial for per meeting)

Prescribed Treatment Start with one treatment for every week for the primary month. Two medications per month for two months. When a month for support and top up. Results will differ contingent upon quiet being dealt with. By and large, patients notice obvious improvement in a few meetings. The outcomes do keep going as long as the support systems are performed consistently to balance the normal skin staining process.