The Dermotherap is a semi-automatic injector manufactured in Argentina. Like all other semi-automatic injectors the injection process is automatic whereas the skin puncture is manual.



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The Dermotherap is a self-loader injector produced in Argentina. Like all other self-loader injectors the infusion procedure is programmed while the skin cut is manual. At the end of the day the client needs to press the skin stabilizer on the skin to compel the needle forward. It has two essential methods of capacity: persistent and foreordained portion infusion. In the foreordained portion infusion or heartbeat infusion the mesogun can be changed in accordance with permit infusion of three unique dosages. The DermoTherap is worked by a battery-powered battery, weighs about 450g and can oblige 1cc, 3cc, 5cc and 10cc syringes. This injector is a pleasant update from the manual strategy diminishing both patient distress and professional exhaustion. This mesogun additionally accompanies a 1-year producer warrantee.

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Some different highlights of this mesogun are:

Less spillage between applications contrasting with other self-loader injectors.

It has 3 modified portion settings

It is exceptionally light (loads around 450 gr)

It is utilized in various tasteful systems

In the class of self-loader items, it is known as the best item in the market for its minimal effort and wide scope of utilizations

It has Anmat, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA and CE checks.