My Filler Strong (1x1ml)

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For Deeper Wrinkles



The cross-connected hyaluronic corrosive joins with thousand of water particles growing, where it is infused, the skin sorrows, wrinkles and scars. Simultaneously, it hydrates the cells around the application and gives a sparkle and solid appearance for the patient.

My Filler tallies with the cross connecting innovation, which allows an unrivaled exhibition of the hyaluronic corrosive after its infusion: life span and dampness maintenance.

Another significant trait of My Filler is the item smoothness. Unique in relation to a few organizations, which the item infusion is hard because of the high thickness, the infusion of My Filler is smooth and agreeable.

The blue/straightforward customized syringe with interesting cylinder shape, gives an incredible grasp, security and simple taking care of for the administrator and, in result, an agreeable technique for the patient.

It is likewise essential to specify the incredible plastic element of My Filler when it is nearby as it tends to be mouldable by the specialists with the standard post strategy rub as it takes the ideal shape and stays at the site.


Uniquely made and created in Italy in one of the most present day lab and research focus by an exceptionally qualified group, My Filler utilizes a very spare and secure cross-connecting convention where residuals of debasements are essentially missing. All the creation stages are made in a sterile domain (sterile chamber) which ensures an unadulterated last item.

My Filler arrangement tallies with a uniquely chosen HA sub-atomic weight particles in various viscosities arrangement and diverse hyaluronic corrosive focuses. A mind boggling definition like that covers all conceivable and wanted tasteful clinical facial treatment.

The aftereffects of My Filler are astounding:

Durable at the infused site

Incredible hydrophilic limit

Mouldability at careful site

Dependability post-activity