Teosyal Ultimate (1x3ml)

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The perfect way to treat skin depressions and sagging skin



Teosyal® RHA 4 can give you an elevated appearance by treating listing skin and smoothing out skin discouragements. Your facial highlights can look more youthful and less worn out again with RHA 4 which mystically expands volume profound inside the skin layers.

You can anticipate milder, rounder cheeks and improved shapes which take after an energetic look.

Every appearance you make with your face and every development of your highlights are upheld normally by Teosyal RHA 4, to guarantee you generally look appealing. The progressive recipe by swiss brand Teoxane, works when your face is static or dynamic. The gel recipe adjusts and stretches to work with every outward appearance relying upon your feelings, so you can giggle, grin, cry, yawn or scowl, permitting your skin to move with no cutoff, while looking amazingly common.

The fundamental component of Teosyal RHA 4 is its flexibility and thickness properties which makes it a very successful filler.

An easy treatment with no expanding utilizing sedative Lidocaine, making your experience of turning the clock back considerably progressively positive.

The new RHA line is accomplishing prominence around the world, flaunting a top notch Hyaluronic Acid, owing its prosperity to more than 10 years of research by TEXAN Laboratories, as of late matched with the University of Grenoble to make the RHA line.

What do I get in the container?

2 x 1ml syringes

To what extent will the impact keep going for?

RHA 4 is consumed promptly, making impacts that are enduring.

What are the Benefits of Teosyal RHA 4?

Teosyal RHA 4 is prescribed for:

Revising skin despondencies and hanging

Plumping up volume in the cheeks, jawline and sanctuaries.

A characteristic look