Teosyal Ultimate PureSense (1x3ml)

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Teosyal Ultimate PureSense available in a 3ml or 1ml syringe, is the most durable filler available.



Teosyal® Ultimate PureSense has numerous one of a kind highlights. It is dependable and strong and comes accessible in a 3ml syringes which implies it tends to be utilized the whole face. Likewise its unadulterated, so it makes it hard with the expectation of complimentary radical development underneath the skin.

Bundled with a going with glass syringe, the gels are produced using non-creature biodegradable gels.

What do I get in the container?

1 x 3,0ml or 2 x 1.0 ml syringe

To what extent will the impact keep going for?

By and large, the impact will keep going for as long as year and a half. The general enduring impact of Teosyal Ultimate Puresense treatment relies upon the person’s way of life, age and skin type. Skin composition will be discernibly improved in a flash from the primary meeting, albeit consequent top-up medicines might be required to accomplish ideal outcomes.

What does treatment include?

Numerous smaller scale infusions are completed utilizing little needles into the shallow or profound dermis. Your expert will pick the right strategy of infusion dependent on the state of you skin.

What are the advantages of Teosyal Ultimate PureSense?

Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is suggested for:

Improved volume with most extreme virtue

Enduring impacts

Can treat the entire face because of the additional enormous syringe size